Tabatha and Jeramery had a lovely backyard wedding.  Sure, it was a little hot in June, but, it turned into such a beautiful night & the party kicked off when the sun went down.

In 2006 I was published for the first time!  It was a very happy moment for me, I hope there will be many more days like these!  Of course, I can't read the article as it's in Dutch, but It was great to photograph the New Audi Q7's!

So, I've finally decided to do it, start a blog, become one of many people on the internet & share my life, my travels, & well, my photography!  My name is Holly & I own H2 Photography.  You'll probably get me posting a lot about my current jobs & trips I've taken.  I can't say how much I'll be on here blogging away my life, but at least I can share my interests & of course, what everyone asks to see, my photos!  So stick around a bit, you might learn something!