But these two will!  My dear friend, gets these beauties from the local race track and trains them to do other things besides race.  Belle and Riley are the two she has right now.  They are simply beautiful animals!  You can tell something is going on in Riley's head just by looking deep into his eyes.  



Last year when I went to Iowa, I got to photograph Mindy's family, and again this year!  I love seeing how much these boys have grown!  They are just so handsome!

I had a chance to photograph Savannah again, who is such a doll!  Plus, her little brother, Logan!  That boy has the most amazing eyes!  Actually, they both do!  They pierce right through you!  

I had the most fun shoot the other day, I was called to photograph these sweet, adorable pups! When she said 4 dogs, I almost died, but they were pretty manageable! Norman, Lilly, Gus, & Wilson are the sweetest Daschunds! I told her if she was missing one, to check my bag.  Bring on the fluff!

 Mini Golden?  Yeah!!

 Love his mohawk!
 It's totally not in focus, but really, how adorable!